Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"There is just something in him that is cool" -Zenrick was a total shock for me..Hector was evicted..I was hoping he would have stayed longer coz I can imagine myself being friends with him...i dont know why but there is just something in him that is cool...although I have anticipated it will happen to him early in this game..he is one of the housemyts that dont participate much here in the house..baka cguro d nya alam na kasali sya..or baka bussy lang cguro sa skol or somethin...lyk me...always bussy sa skol but I always find someways para lang maka participate here para hindi maleft-out..minsan nga a-absent pa ako..heheh..!!

Week three and stillkonti pa ang nakaka chat ko..ngayun c anne nalang ang palagi kong na kaka chat..di na ako nakakapag chat nila ate steph, al, ferg, mik at nix...enjoy panaman clang ka chat..!! C cyrill din gusto kong maka chat..coz he seems to be friendly and cool..!!

Sana ma abutan ko cla when onlyn cla..!!

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