Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"I'll be careful next time" -Nizrhane

Hoo boy, I'm beginning to feel absolutely down this time.

Y'see, I seem to have overlooked the rules cos I was too excited with getting on with this game. O'course, being able to meet new friends is very exciting. This makes me realise that this excitement also has its downside. Downside in the sense that not all things are excitable, and that getting excited should not be too much.

I'mma observe the rules this time. I've violated a few times but 'a few times' doesn't mean I can excuse myself from not following the rules. Don't worry, BBK, I'mma do well this time! <3>> Not following the House Rules. I didn't watch PBB on TV, really, but still, that doesn't excuse from violating. I should've gone through the rules one more time to get a clearer view of the game. *rubs eyes*

I'll be careful next time. Till the next parchment.

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