Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"I promiz someday i would find a way to meet her personally" -Anne

Im really getting very close with my co VH especially ate steph...what a good feeling that i found an older sister in her...i always dreamt that i have an older sister which could always be there for me whenever i need somebody to cry on...she let me feel very comfortable when im talking to her...graveh...imagine, even my most personal story eh nkwento ko na sa knya...that is how i feel safe around her...and i found out that we have so many things in common pla...i can relate to her stories as well as she can also relate very well with mine...i promiz someday i would find a way to meet her personally...i will thank her for comforting me and for simply listening to relationship with my other co VH are all good but unfortunately i haven't talked to some of my co VH...i really am very willing to make friends with them...i hope i will...because that is basically the purpose of this find someone to consider my friend, and im achieving that purpose...ciao!...=)

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