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Saturday, February 24, 2007

"I was so shocked that the one who made a conceptualize the "globe" ad was a graduate from our school" -Zenrick

Last thursday was the opening of the aniversary of the FIneArts department in our school. That night we had a students night where there are tons of bands playing, of course bands sa mga finearts people..and I was surprise that dami pala nilang may banda. Sumayaw din kami ng "indian/arabian" dance ata..and It was a bummer..entrance palang namin ng mga boys natanggal na ang bandana ko..waa...sobrang nahiya ako noon..but thankfully every one loves our perfoemance even though wedsay night lang kami ng practice. Coz actually di talaga kami sasayaw non coz some members were not dancing. But the next thing we know..we are already mentioned in the posters..nakahihiya naman na di kami sasayaw so we made a last minute dance.
Friday naman was our Alumni day. Morning we had a forum with the other succeful alumnas. And I was so shocked that the one who made a conceptualize the "globe" ad (yung blue ribbon) was a graduate from our school advertising student rin sa sachool namin. And it was great to know him his name is Louie Cale from Cagayan but studied here in cebu sa school namin. Grabeh daming awards raw nya sa mga best at sikat na advertising awargiving!!

That night then our group danced for the opening "sexy back" sinayaw namin. I was satisffied with my performance and enjoy ako..lalo nang my nag style sa buhok ng hairstyle ko noon...heheheh

Ngayun saturday..I am planning to watch sa Fashion Show namin. sad to say na di kami sasayaw but dancing in a fashion show doesnt work for me. Hehehe.. I will be there enjoyinh the view...hahahah..but not the same kind of view where ka dressing room namin mga models when we danced before...hahahahah

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