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Friday, February 23, 2007

"I'm still lookin on the brighter side of life"

I'm so depressed right now. Just this morning while getting ready for work i was trying to hide my tears, just to hide what i feel and hide my weakness about certain issues at home with regards to finance. With all this graduation fee, tuition fee and also add up that call i got from HSBC reminding me of my due date payment for my credit card *sigh*. Well, thinking i really have the budget for all this right now but the time is pressuring me. Need to pay this and that before this date. Plus the fact that it's already been one week that i have this headache every now and then. Maybe it's also because of my crosstitching... see i'm doing this project of my little brother and because i'm so excited to see the finished product i've been working on it up 'till 1 am. Anyway, i'm done with it just last night. hehehe. Maybe because of my lack of sleep plus crosstitch and too much thinking caused me this headache. Well, i'm just glad someone is there for me. I'm still lookin on the brighter side of life. *smiles*

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