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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"My friends thought that he wanted a second chance and i do to" -Anne

This is really a week for me...things which are very unexpected are happening lately...let's start my story in valentines day...i felt that it was an ordinary day which is not supposed to be special...i was not hoping for some sort of surprises, but it turned out that i was really blessed because my friends had their own shares of laughter with me...i guess i realized that valentines day is not only for lovers but for people who love each other whatever realtionship they may have...the thursday is a normal day and partially friday...there is not much to say...but im shocked when my ex boyfriend showed up last saturday in my school, and i must admit that he really is a hunk!...hahaha...sorry for the description...he even grew more handsome than really strucked me when i first glanced at him...i didn't realized that it was him...we didn't saw each other since last 2 years and i hadn't heard any news about him...then imagine how surprised or shocked can i get when he popped out in my classroom door...i almost fainted...ours is not a normal relationship, it's more of an open ending whirlwind romance...we hadn't have a formal break-up...i just started ignoring him because i heard nasty rumors about was a long distance relationship and we're both immature in a sense...i was 17 and he was 21 at that time...but despite that we managed to keep the relationship even for a few was more of we enjoy each other's company than we love each u get my point?...those type of realationship may not last like what happened to us...but last saturday he showed up...what does he want? friends thought that he wanted a second chance and i do to......we have a communication now ...he left last sunday but he will be coming back this week...i hope he court me again...last monday was also very mysterious...i was from other schools marketing our school...then when i got back to my school, everyone was teasing me, i wondered why? then a bouquet of flowers pla was delivered from anonymous was surprising but at the same time very flattering...until now i haven't found out who was the anonymous sender is...could it be my ex?...but it is not possible because he was away and he is not that type of guy who gives flowers...well, i guess i might find out sooner or just have to wait...till here...ciao!

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