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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nizrhane blogs: Of Harlequin Girls and...

This entry is considered as the 2nd part of my other journal entry. Forgive the title, though.

Harlequin girl. It is defined as a "girl who has a knack for being vain in an excessive way". You know, high-maintenance.

It also suggests promiscuity and being very malandi. Hmmm. I am currently commenting on girls (particualrly a girl whom I've known since Junior High School) who are such, for they a) are much of an eyesore, b) they annoy me and everyone else, and c) they display histrionic behaviour so much that people think they serve no purpose.

Yeah, I do respect those who get glammed up in the right way, but if at some point, it gets out of hand...then that's another story. Being glamourous is putting yourself well in all the right moves, but society suggests that being glamourous is for the high-society, high-fashion people who are filthy rich and whose excesses are surpassing normal standards.

Also, those who just can't shut up. Yes, I have classmates and people around me in school and in our circle who are way too talkative, spitting expletives and blabbering nonstop about senseless things. If your talkative nature is but a manifestation of a psychological issue, I understand that, but if you are trying to impress...hmmm...but you need a reality check. I'd recommend your mouth be clamped shut.

I am not angry. I never got angry. I just get even. I am tired of the same old buzz about me and my friends.

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