Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Thursday, March 1, 2007

"I have gotten to become more closer to my other housemyts" -Zenrick

Another week sa house..and ngayun I can say that my relationship with the other housemyts is OK na..di na masyado akong na-o-awkward talking with them.

I can say that I have gotten to become more closer to my other ferg,anne and niz...I hope they feel the same way about me too.

There are other housemyts pa na lately di kona nakakausap..Cna Mik,Al at Ate Steph..I like the three of them specially c ate steph kaci she is very kind. Pre-game palang kami nag kakachat and ngayun di na masyado. Dikami cguro nag aabot. But in the threads, I really like talking to her..she is very mature and may sense kausap.

Cna Al at Mik rin nakakatawa sa mga lately lang c mik di na masyadong nag o-onlyn...nuon very active cya..bya bussy lang cguro.

It was flattering that some of my housemyts loved the signature that I made. Kahit I think it wasnt my best at all...heheheh...d sa nagmamayabang ha..hehe..!!

I really appriciate the fact that some of my housemyts loved my posts and our chat together.. specially Ate Steph and Niz (who I feel pnka close ko coz we have lots in common).
Malapit nanaman nomination. Like always mix ang feeling.

Hmm...parang paikot-ikot lang cinasabi ko rito.. but my point is..this week, I am very happy coz finally I feel that Im already very close w/ my housemyts..!!

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