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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"His very egoistic" -Anne

What a week?! omg~! i have this professor in taxation na sobrang hate ko! arrrgghh~!...she is really very rude on us...she keeps on saying things which lowers our if nmn she is a very good teacher but she's not!...gggrrr!!!...enough about her...continuation of my story last ex and i fought about a petty issue last monday! he is so insesitive!...i don't think we can last a day witout arguing on certain issues...his very egoistic...but despite all that quarrels we always up talking again and we are sweet again...parang bata, away bati...but im really fond of him ksi he can make me giggle everytime na he's sweet to me...whew!'s summer and im very excited on going to the beach!...i love swimming a lot!...kya nga i always go to the gym this past few months para ready na for summer outfit!...i wish my 2 piece will fit me perfectly!...hai have nothing to say, really! just telling things that has no direct relevance just to make my diary longer...hehehe...till here...ciao!

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