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Friday, March 16, 2007

"Its gonna be more hectic than ever" -Ron

Well here I am again... I'm back and is gonna complain about my school, specially clinicals. Now I know how stressfull it is even though I only get a patient a day but still help my other group mates with theirs. Kaya pala ang lounge sa hospital na nakikita ko sa TV shows like Grey's Anatomy ay sobrang useful. For next weeks I will be getting two patients in order for me to see how I can balance and organize my time. Nako kaya ko kaya? Its gonna be more hectic than ever. Well its just my first year nursing thats why I feel like 2 patient is too much. Masasanay rin ako siguro. And yea giving medications is hard too... well its because whenever we give medications... my instructor usually question us about the medication we are giving and its hard. I can't understand her question fully. But all in all... injections..g tube meds... regular meds is alright. Bukas balik ulit na opsital, marami pa akong gagawin so I'll continue this later...

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