Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"We girls need to be pampered this time"

I remembered a message at the back of a shirt Keeko was wearing: "It's Good To Be King!"

...nah. This time: "it's good to be Queen".

Hey, today's Women's Month and it's a blast to be the of the bosses. I'm with Ate Anne and Ate Steph. They know better.

Anyhoo, we're gonna make the boys work around the house and to see who's better (and way obedient) than the rest.

Masaya talaga di ba? We girls need to be pampered this time, at wala munang mang-aalaska sa'min! =3 Mauvais garçon n'a pas accordé cette fois ! (No bad boys allowed this time!) Pero we are confident that the PBBFG5 boys are good boys! (Awww...and they're sweet too!)

Oo nga pala. My forthcoming birthday will be a good springboard for this. Actually Ate Steph and Ate Anne had already told the boys about this: they will design and arrange stuff for the 16th.

Ate Anne even put up a new thread for the boys: they will need to answer our questions. (How about a good Math prob for them to work on, then they'll soon give up... just kiddin'!)

Some new social subexperiment, eh?

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