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Monday, April 30, 2007

"I'm scared shit" -Ron

Man I finished most of my exams and here comes summer. I hope that my summer is a good summer for once. Makahanap ako sana ng work and syempre makapag lakwatsa ren ng maayos. I'm for the best. I still have one exam this thursday and I'm scared shit by it. If I don't pass it I will have to take it in the summer and be behind. I really hope I can pass it. I pray to god that I will. Please...

Well and yea guess what, next week I will be seeing Rex Navarette live. I am so excited and I hope nothing ruins it. I am nervous too because of a little something. Well I really hope everything goes well for me and I hope I can pull another one. I better be studying now and focus of my exam that is coming up. I will talk to you all later! peace!

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