Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Monday, April 30, 2007

Anne's final answer


For Anne: WHO ARE YOU?
**I really dont know on what perspective il answer this question. It's very general but i guess im a simple girl who is always misunderstood as maarte, plastic and good for nothing except pacute girl! But those are all misconceptions of me, yes, i could be very snobbish at times but that is beacuse your being rude w/ me but for those who are kind i also reciprocate kindness. I'm not a war-freak as most people expect me to be and i wont bend my principles for that!

From AL

For all... kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon, sino sa mga na-evict ang dapat bumalik at cno ang dapat matanggal?
**honestly, i think ferg is much more deserving than any of us to stay here because he exerted greater effort than all of us and w/ regards to effort i think it is ron who has the least effort but i truly understand his reasons so no grudge about it, he is just lucky!

For anne... ang ang totoong saloobin mo kapag tinutukso ka namin dati kay fergie?
**wala lang, im just going with the flow at alm ko namang ganun rin si ferg, im used to those kind of jokes

From RON

For all - How did you make the house more interesting despite other people saying that the house is boring?
**this might be a great bore for others but this is what interesting means, to be able to catch somebody'd trust not by being rude but by showing kindness to receive the same...hai nku, interesting naman kasi laging crinicriticize, then if it's not interesting for them then they won't even put a single effort on talking about us! ryt?

For Anne - Who do you think doesn't deserve to be in the big four and why?
**to be honest, i was surprised that you reached the big four! but as iv said, i have no grudge because that's your luck and maybe god has reasons in pyutting you here..i think you dont deserve to be in the big four not because you didn't do your best but because there are some people who put more effort in this game!


For all - NONE

For Anne - Ano sa tingin mo yun pinaka hindi mo makakalimutan sa experience na to na mapasali sa PBBFG?
**I am badly and wrongly criticized w/o basis! But of course, in every bad thing there is a good one on it and that is beacuse I met you guys! I met people who are now my friends. True people, no pretentions! Hindi plastic!

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