Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Results of the 4th Nomination

"Marshmalow": 20 SP for Zen. I just want to add his SP points. I also think that he still needs to stay. He lacks SP points so this will also serve as a help for him to stay. He's fun to talk to.

15 SP for Fergie. I want him in for the final 4. He brings life to the house. He also needs my SP with all the EP's he have. He deserves to stay. I can't see the house without him.

10 SP for Anne. I also want her in for the final 4. She can always get along with everyone. She has this nice personality that i like about her. She just deserves my SP.

5 SP for Al. Like the other two i also want him in for final 4. Eventhough he's not that active lately online and on chat but he always make sense on his posts. I think there's more of him to show the rest what he really is and also his thoughts. Fergie still needs a partner, in the identity of Al (kung sa asaran lang man).

"Killua": I'm giving 20 SP to ron. i think he deserves to stay longer. mejo behind lang kasi siya ng oras sa atin kaya hindi n cya madalas nakakapag-post. at kahit na busy sya sa studies eh he's making a way para makapag-update cya. he's also making an effort to reach out sa iba pang VH.

i'm giving 15 sp to fergie. cya kasi ang nagbibigay buhay sa game. kahit na malakas siyang mang-asar, sumasaya nmn ang lahat. kapag nawala siya, parang malaking part ng game ang mawawala. sobrang active din niya kaya deserve nya to stay.

10 sp to anne. isa rin cya sa mga active. and isa rin cya sa nagbibigay buhay sa board. kapag nawala cya, mawawalan n ng ka-love team si fergie. baka hindi na maging active c fergie. deserve din nya to stray longer.

5 sp to steph. a sweet lady with the ate image should stay in the game. deserve niyang manalo sa game so dapat siyang i-save. kung active lang kc ang pag-uusapan eh isa siya sa mga iyon. so she deserves to be given another chance.

"Thunder": I would like to give 20SP to Zenrick. I would like to get to know him more so I want him to stay in the house. He is a cool guy and is worth saving. Malaki rin ang effort nya na magstay sa game. I think na mas mabuting magstay pa sya sa house ng mas matagal dahil magiging mas masaya pa ang bahay.

I would like to give 15SP to Nizrhane. Utang ito sa invalid na vote ko noon sa birthday niya. I would also want her to stay in the house kase she is fun to talk to. Malaki rin ang effort nya mag stay sa house. At mas mabuti na rin na mag stay sya sa house para makausap pa ng matagal.

I would like to give 10SP to Al. Si Al ay malaki ang effort magstay sa game. He tries to go on the boards kahit hinde nya ma-access. He is fun to talk to and gusto ko sya pang magstay sa house. Makakatulong sya pagpapasaya ng bahay at sa pagiging more interesting nito.

I would like to give 5SP to Anne. I would like to get to know Anne better. Makulit rin sya at masayang kasama sa bahay. Meron rin effort syang mag stay sa house. Mas mabuti na rin na sya ang magstay dahil malaki ang chance nyang manalo.

"Mica": I give 20SP to Ate Steph. She's a friend you could tell your mum and dad about, cos she's very kind and very simple. I think she's the right person to tell secrets to, too. Yeah, and she seems to be good-natured. One thing's for sure: I wish her all the best.

15SP goes to Fergie. This guy just gives the house its much-needed life, so to speak. I like him because he's got this "Give 'Em Hell, Kid" thing---meaning he's that frank. And I admit, he's much braver than I am. Like, even if he's got probs, he's got himself ready.

Kuya Al gets 10SP. Ever the "maprinsipyo" guy, Kuya Al never fails to give the house the serious mood. Although he gets picked-on by Fergie, Kuya Al never loses his cool. I also think that he's also the right person to tell secrets to, and to ask advice from. That itself makes Kuya Al very interesting.

5SP goes to Zen. Sya lang yung housemate na kadamay ko kapag naleleft out ako. Sya din ay parating left out. Tsaka he's one of the housemates that I always get to talk to often. We always talk about art and school, that's why we clicked agad.

"Freakshow": RON-20sp : I am just doing this to also save myself. I am an individual with one word, I keep my word. I am not sure I this will work or if will stick to his word but I hope he does. I can see his effort to get back in the game and be close to us all, why not give the boy another chance.

NIZ-15sp: An easy vote for me coz she Is one of my close buds here. I am also doing this strategy wise. I hope she makes it far in this game. She also desreves it to be here in the game. Strategy wise, alam ko kong sinong makakatanggap ng pinakamalaking SP, so to stay in here longer I decided not to give them the SPs needed for them to stay.

ANNE- 10sp: A very well liked girl. I can say na naging close na ako sa kanya and she is fun to talk to. Im giving here the 10sp coz i know some of the housemyts will give here enough Sps to stay. Just thought of giving here the right SP for me to stay here.

AL-5sp: I give this to him coz I think ang mga housemates kong dalawa na natitira ang makakatanggap ng pinaka maraming SP. I dont know if this vote will save me. NO offence nalang to the rest of my housemates, just doing this to enjoy the game better. Al goodluck saiyo, I know naman isa ka sa matitira.

"Pinkchic": the 5 SP goes to al! he was the kuya in this house. i also would like him to stay because he is the person responsible for all the activities besides bbk. although he is not very active compared to the others i think he is a very good player because he can interact well. also, he makes the house livelier when he and ferg are playing around!

my 10 SP is for ferg! as we all know he is the most active in posting on the boards. he also gives fun to the house whenever he says something. he deserve to stay because he gives a lot of effort in this game. plus, he is one of my closest friend here so i would like him to stay.

15 SP for zen! he is one of the cool people in the house. he is also my frequent chatmate so i want him to stay. at first he had a hard time blending well but through his effort he did fitted in. and for me, that is a real effort so i want him to stay because he deserve to stay.

the 20 SP is for steph! she was also one of the most active VH. she makes the feeling light in the house by her aura. i also would like her to stay because i think she will continue to inspire other people. and also i like talking to her a lot so i want to save her.


Fergie aka "BududaL": Binibigay ko ang aking 20 sp kay step.. una kahit busy siya eh nkakapagonline siya, pangalawa kahit busy siya eh nkakagawa siya ng diary and confession, pangatlo active siya kahit busy nga siya, pang apat kasi gsuto ko siyang mag stay pa dito! *

Binibigay ko naman ang aking 15 sp kay anne, una kasi active siya as olweys, pangalawa masipag siyang mag post sa boards, pangatlo nagpapakita siya ng interest sa paglalro ng game, pangapat kase gusto ko din humaba pa ung pag stay niya dito. *

Kay AL naman ang 10 sp kase una kahit may trabaho siya eh ngagawa niyang mag post ng kakarampot sa boards.. pangalawa nagpapakita siya tlaga na gsto niya mag stay kahit papano, pangatlo nkakagawa siya ng diaries and confesion niya khit minsan lng siya mag online. Pangapat tulad sa iba gsuto ko mat stay pa siya ng matagal kahit hindi siya ganon ka active. *

Kay niz naman ang 5 sp kais una active siya masipag mag post sa boards. pangalawa hindi na siya ganun kakagawa ng mga entry niya sa diaries and confessions niya. pangatlo masipag siya mag post sa boards kahit papano. pang apat gsto ko din siyang mag stay pa ng matagl tagal.

*minimum of 4-sentence-justification for 20 SP, 15 SP, 10 SP and 5 SP votes