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Monday, April 2, 2007

"Kinikilig ako. Period." -Nizrhane

Kinikilig ako. Period.

I have had enough of the usual loveteams and sappy love stories on TV. They just keep me more disinterested and very annoyed.

I have my old love for surfing the net, scouring there and there for photos of wonderful musicians, and yes, I have found more than that.

There's this band that I have known to exist in Europe for so long and recently they have just made their US debut last year. And the band's Mew, not the Pokemon (don't worry they didn't name the band after the Pokemon).

Mew's composed of High School friends Jonas Bjerre and Bo Madsen, and a newcomer Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen (well he says that he was the last person to join the band). Johan Wohlert was their former member, having left the band in early 2006 (I am not sure but I am continuing to check stuff) to spend time with girlfriend Pernille. And now from Denmark, they are conquering the world by storm.

That's the band.

and this is the band without Johan. :/


What if they toured here in the Philippines?

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