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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Surprisingly, dko na miss ang may ka date this valentines" -Zenrick

Hohoho..valentines day nanaman..but still ala parin akong ka date..(ngayung college ako ala pa akong naging gf pa). Pro..surprisingly, dko na miss ang may ka date this valentines..I dont know why..maybe I am just too comitted sa skol. Dinaman ko sobrang matalino but in order for me to survive sa course that I took..kailangan talaga ng time. Pro nakaka-ingit rin ng kunti lalo na noong nakita ko sa skool namin..ang dmaing booth na nag bebenta ng mga roses and flowers..sobrang dami ng mga bumili..ingit rin ng kunti lalo na ala akong natanngap na rose this year..unlike last year..!!

Kanina rin nag "Love and Career" seminar ang 2nd year Fine Arts and Architecture students. Listening to the speakers made me realize that this course what I really love to take. Nasabi ko ito dahil lately, Im not being myself..Ewan ko lang ha but Im really tired of painting, drawing etc. Nakakapagud na kaci. Every day nalang same lang ang ginagawa namin..meron pang mga teachers na sobrang a liit magbigay ng grades. Sobrang high ang standards.
But, It think my new perspective on my course change (again), for the better.

Isa ring topic sa seminnar is about "SEX" woooo..!!
HHmm...some of the things that I learned there are prity entresting.
Guys..did you know that there is a misconception about having safesex (using condoms). Actually..unseen to our naked eye, condom has this itsy-bitsy microscopic holes like 0.5 microsomthing. And that there is a possibility that 1 or 2 spermscells a size of 0.2 microsomething can fin in to the using condoms might not prevent pregnancy. And that a HIV virus is much-more smaller than the sperms so you can still be enfected.
(wa...sana lang di to violations..)

Wah.. so guys be safe..OK?

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