Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Sunday, February 11, 2007

"The sudden evictions and quitting is quite shocking" -Nizrhane

Stephanie: Well i was a bit shocked about the sudden eviction of the 3 co-vhs. I did'nt expect that we'll suddenly turned out to be only 11 vhs in just 2 weeks, well actually less than two weeks. I wondered why they were'nt able to perform some activities,tasks and requirements which led them to being evicted right away of from the game. Hmmm... maybe they don't have the time, but just an opinion, why did they joined this game when they can't do such activities even on the first start of the week? hay, sayang talga. And then i realized that it's just 4 of us girls in the game now it's down to 3, since Ghien is out of the game. Well, most co-vhs reacted about the three's eviction. anyway, they did'nt perform the tasks so they deserved to be evicted anyway. And about Katrina quitting the game. Heller, eh iilang araw pa lang sya sa game nag quit sya agad. ano ba naman. Sana di muna sya nag-give up agad. at sna nagkaroon pa sya ng konting pasensya na makilala rin yun ibang vhs. pero di ko naman sya masisisi... siguro nga may mga rason sya. Baka nga rin busy sya sa school at di maituon ang oras dito. siguro nga ok na rin yun ginawa nya na nagpa alam sya na mag quit nlng sa game. dahil baka feeling nya di na nya magagampanan ang mga tast ang activities na ibibigay ni BBk. Siguro nga takot syang ma evict ni BBk. but it's part of the game naman eh.

Nizrhane: For me, the sudden evictions and quitting is quite shocking. Nuffink much, but, I know the one who quitted has a reason why, but the 4 who got evicted? Maybe they had a reason, too. Maybe they didn't have time and stuff. But you see guys, I hope we'll get more new housemates so that this VHouse gets even more exciting! Meeting new people is, I think, the other core reason why we're here. We've got to cross paths with everyone else so that our lives get better everyday~! I hope they come back fast in the future, methinks.

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