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Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Some girls got smitten with one inmate who has the looks!" -Nizrhane

Going to jail is, I think, very scary. At first, jails are way scarier, plus the fact that the inmates are, too. But this time, it's way different. Only the media made it so negative to us that we fear evn putting one foot on the door of the prison.

We went to The New Bilibid Prison to do some so-called "Gawaing Maka-JPL" for the inmates. So here goes the catch: we were so amazed with the talents they have and the stuff that they do while serving jail time. They must be doing all they can so that everything is just so worthwhile.

Every inmate partcipated in the activities and they were so delighted to just do it for us. They're so sweet that they were "halatang pinaghirapan nila ang mga performances nila", quipped one classmate. The head of the activity even told us that life in jail isn't what we think. Being inside it is way better than staying out in the open and not getting any disciplining.

What's funny it's that some girls got smitten with one inmate who has the looks! (even thinking about checking the place where Robin Padilla once got incarcerated...)

Funny. Really.

But to sum up the outreach, the day was fun, exciting, fulfilling...helping people and making them happy has never been this rewarding.

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