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Friday, March 16, 2007

"Im one of those guys that hender them from having a relationship" -Zenrick

Kahapon Thursdat was the presentation of our "BLOCK PLAY". Thantkful ako coz wala na kaming rehersals. Now we can focus on the more harder subjects namin.
About the play. It was fun, I was surprise that we did great on our play. Parang totoong play kaci nasa Theater kami ng play and meron ring audiences, spotlight,props,costume lahat laht.

Ournplay was about a Sicilian guy whos family bussiness is shipment of illegal stuffs and who is deeply inlove w/ a Chinesse Girl. The two of them are soo inlove with one another and we all know about the old chinesse tradition. And im one of those guys that hender them from having a relationship. My role was the chinese girl's over protective-twin-brother. The kind of brother who dont know how to smile, always gloomy and grumpy.

The ending was tradgic in both side of the camp. I died, my father in the play died, my cousin in the play died, our gaurds died. And fromthe sicilian family the lead actor died (shot by my twin), his friends died etc.
Many loved our play and that Is good for me.

Now..I can finally myk my other projects..a magazine,4 posters, 4 self portrait, 2 plates in anatomy, 3 plates in our still life subject.
Ang dami..!!

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