Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, March 16, 2007

"I read na mahiyain daw sya and we should approach him first" -Ron

Yea, its been a while since Kim left. I read some of his post and stuff. He said that I stabbed him in the back. I know I was not suppose to "stab" people in their backs but what I did wasn't stabbing in someone's back. My first reason for voting him out is that he wasn't active anymore. Well most of the people here wanted to stay and is making an effort to be active. At that time he was the most inaactive. That was the main reason for it. Marami rin pala syang na offend like Anne and Ferg, but its none of my business to intrude to their arguments.
On the lighter side, theres this new guy Xyrus. When I found out he entered the house, I immediately thought na "Waw, may taga North America na rin and at least we have almost the same time at may makakausap ako kahit paano." I haven't seen him in the boards yet but who knows maybe he's busy. I read na mahiyain daw sya and we should approach him first. A while ago I added him and just a couple of minutes ago I messaged him. I think he's a cool guy. Gangster type? HAHA just kidding... Well I hope he feels welcome here and that he starts talking more on the board.

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