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Saturday, March 24, 2007

"My job is going to be ending soon" -Ron

Gaah! Finally its another friday... I can get enough sleep again and also some rest. I don't get enough sleep anymore and I dont know where the time is going. I mean I am lazy as **** (well I cant say the word or else I'll get a violation). But anyway, I am happy that another week of clinicals is over. Then there is like five more weeks to go and suffer. All i can do I guess is tough it up and pass the course. I am seriously having so much trouble with it... basta... I don't really feel like talking much about it. On the lighter side, there's not much new stuff happening with me. My job is going to be ending soon because hockey season is going to be over by the end of this month. That means I have to look for a summer job. Im happy not working for a couple of months because I really have to focus on school even though I am lazy and I specially have to focus on clinicals. Anyway thats it for now...

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