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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stephanie blogs: Is'nt it a cliché?

This may seem like a one fine rainy day. It seemed like the rain outside is so calm that it just made me think of writting something coz it feels so calm and peaceful for the ambience here in my place is all right. I'm doing my thing and others too. There's no music playing at the moment and it's the raindrops that keeps everything light. Well, that's what i feel. I don't usually drink coffee and yet it's unusual that i prepared one and am currently enjoying it now. *sip*. It's now getting a bit cold. Now i feel like my mind is now out of this place. Everything feels so calm, but deep inside it's like this battle fighting for something i don't know and i can't really identify. I am bothered of something. I can't really figure out. I am thinking about something that makes me unhappy that i feel like i am really not happy of. It's now like i have this mask of uncertainty. It is like this sad identity hiding inside a mask of a happy face. Would there be a chance that i will finally be free of something i know i am temporarily happy of? But i know i won't in the future? Is'nt it a cliché?

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