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Sunday, March 18, 2007

"I will have a boyfriend before the summer ends" -Anne

Ive been thinking lately bout sa love life ko eh parang ang gulo nga...iv been through a lot of things already so i should know what to do by now but honestly i dont! hmmm...bkit ganun, lagi na lang love ang problem ng tao? i guess its just the most complicated thing! it produces extreme joy and pain...bout my last diary...we are really getting close! and maybe i will have a boyfriend before the summer ends school life is a trash! im bored with my course! it's really hard i swear! i dont feel that accountancy is really for me...i feel lost! im not happy with it...but running from it would again create a more complicated problem...maybe because i also dont know what i this normal? ggrrr!!! im confused!...dont know what to say...this is the worst part of my life! i felt totally lost!...till here...ciao!

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