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Friday, April 13, 2007

"But after thinking about it more... its just full of nonsense" -Ron

Another week... another clinical shifts. Nakakapagod... Parang puro complain na lang ako tungkol sa clinicals ko. So... to change things up a bit. I wont mention anything from my clinicals. Except that there's two weeks left and I am excited. Summer's gonna be so much fun! Three weeks left and my school's gonna be done. Salamat naman din because... man! I am tired. I hope na maipasa ko naman lahat, but I think I'll do fine.

Not much stuff has happened in my life. Just being so busy with school and stuff. My life is not as interesting as I want it to be. As soon as I finish school... I think we are going to be moving to Calgary or if not maybe I'll move to the USA or go back to Australia or better yet... sa Pilipinas. Miss ko na talaga Pilipinas. But I got nothing to go back there now. I can think of many stuff why I should go back but after thinking about it more... its just full of nonsense. Basta ewan... sige yun muna...

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