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Thursday, April 19, 2007

"It's my first time to cross-enroll" -Anne

Thanks God, I'm done with the qualifying exam! Whew! That was really hard! I am really desperate in passing that exam because I can't proceed to the next accounting course if I wasn't able to pass it. These past few days were busy days for me because I need to do a lot of things right now. There are several works that are due this week. Oh well, I guess it is a part of a student's life to be this busy once in a while. My summer class started last Monday and I'm really excited when I first attended that class because it's my first time to cross-enroll. I want to meet new people and I also want to make new friends. Since I was only a cross-enrollee, I have this urge that I need to study harder and excel to prove myself in this new environment. Besides, I don't want to embarass myself and my school. My story will end here because i have nothing to say. Ciao!

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