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Friday, February 9, 2007

"He doens't have anything unlike Mrs. X who has gastronomy tube" -Ron

Ha! I havent been here in a while. Well... I'm a bit busy and tired as usual. I can't avoid sleeping on the bus or in my classes. So... update in my life eh? well I am in pain right now. I think I have sprained my ankle but its not swelling up yet... so baka di iyon sprain. I went skating again and fell so bad and landed really weird. Ahehe enough about my night outs... wala naman kwenta iyon...

So next week we'll be going back to the hospital after two weeks of lab. I'll have a change of patient because "Mrs. X" is an easy patient for me to have. I will be getting "Mr. Y" who is more challenging because he digs in his incontinent pads and is a bit uncooperative. However he doens't have anything unlike Mrs. X who has gastronomy tube.

We also had our test for pharmacology, nursing theory, psychology, and Anatomy and Physiology. It went okay... lets just leave it at that. More and more stuff are piling up in my to do list so I am going to be busy this week. Hope everything goes well...

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