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Thursday, February 1, 2007

"I felt degraded" -Ghien

Hi guys, just want to release my stress this day. It was a bad day for me in the office. I felt degraded and I really feel like I wanna give up because I can't really stand the attitudes of the people there, they feel like they're somebody else and they don't appreciate the efforts of other people.Some also play favorites, it would be ok if it doesnt affect the morale of the people in the work but worse of it, they really show how unfair they are. I just hope they'd be happy with what they're doing. Aside from that majority I think of the people there were backfighters. They're too coward to face the people concerned. Worst of all its below the belt. Small things was turned into an exagerrated big deal. Maybe they are just too perfect to notice the weaknesses and faults of other people.... I wish there could be change....

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