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Friday, February 2, 2007

"Its scary at times pero okay lang yun" -Ron

Hey! so here's where were at... me... busy... sleepy... and really tired. My eyes have their own bags... saan ba nila nabili yun? On sale yata... buy one get one free. School, work and more work keeps me busy in my everyday life. Minsan labas dito... labas duon... speaking of going out. Yesterday was my very first time on ice. I've never skated in my life. First time skating and its at Nathan Phillip square. Like an icing in a very good cake. Luckily there was not as much people... I fell four times and landed in my behind... ahehe can i use that word for that? It was hard but practice makes perfect. Before the night eneded I was finally gliding on my own. It was fun and I can't wait to get back on the ice. Too bad walang picture ahehe.

School's okay... still trying to get through it while working a part time job. I'm still not on the ball and a bit struggling to keep up. I guess I just need to be more organized. All the courses is harded now... even psychology. Clinical is okay and really tiring but its worth it. Its scary at times pero okay lang yun. Good thing this week and next week is just lab and the weeks after that will be non stop clinical. Hope my clinical instructor doesn't grill me again with questions. Need to study medications and stuff... dang... don't want anyone dying on me. So I guess I better start studying harder.

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