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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Richard blogs: No Room for Boredom

We're in bedside care (NS4, KDHI) for eight hours, thrice a week. [Taking vital signs, bedside care, nursing care, etc]. That's an awfully long time to work on two or three patients. So you can either be bored.

Tuesday. As I scanned my patients charts, I found out that one of my patients will undergo a close tube thoracentesis. It's a minor operation. On his chest Xray, a homogenous density is noted in his left lower hemithorax with meniscus obliterating the hemidiaphragm and cardiac border. It means, pleural fluid noted on his left lung. Therefore, it should be drained. Gets the pic? Hehehh.

I don't have enough information about thoracentesis, of equipments, procedures, of what to do. Informations that I haven't read and heard of. Those are those times when I found myself at the bottom of the ladder. I'm very nervous and my palms were starting to get sweaty.

I guess something was pulling me from ward to the operating room -err- emergency room. Look, I was assign in the male ward then all of the sudden, I'm already in the emergency room. I learned, it is necessary to make yourself available. Oftentimes, you have to be flexible and prepared to change directions quickly. It was just recently that I assisted the patient for diagnostic nasal endoscopy. I knew if I didn't take the opportunity, I would always wonder what would have been. Besides, there will be mentors to help you along the way.

Asssiting for an operation is very challenging. I'm in fact experiencing difficulties. But I'm still assisting it quite well, I suppose. You can only imagine how nurses offer a lot of comfort to the patient who is about to undergo major event in his life no matter how simple the procedure.

I enjoy the adventure and lesson that day brings. It was a so-good-liaison. The doctor discussed while doing the operation- about the anatomy and physiology of the case, the procedure, do's and dont's in assisting the patient undergoing thoracentesis. Maybe it is his ability to build consensus or a desire to share what he have learned. Thanks Doc G.

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