Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"There are several issues on the house" -Anne

The nomination is coming and i didn't make up my mind yet...i am very sad that someone has to go on the eviction, because im getting very close to my co-VHs... they became my instant friend and i enjoyed every conversation i had with them... they really are very nice... at first, i find them aloof and covered up.. but as the time passes we all tend to open up a bit... we shared bits of our personal life and it is a nice thing to know that somebody is there willing to lend ears... we laughed a lot, we also love teasing each other and sharing our likes and dislikes... hmm... everyone is so nice!... there are several issues on the house and thanks to ferg the house is really going crazy... he's so makulit, ang galing mang-asar!... kawawa nmn c ate steph, fave asarin ni ferg... hahaha... sana wla na lng umalis... gosh!... here na muna... medyo scattered thoughts ko eh... ciao!

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