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Monday, March 5, 2007

"This feeling of hatred has found its place within me" -Nizrhane

I'm off to Cavite at 8am to do NSTP. Shoot. I need to save money! Malapit na ang birthday koooooo~!

I commemorate the day a snatcher stole my phone on March 10. The masked culprit did that in broad daylight.

Anyhoo, it's been a year since that happened. And I hope something happened to that masked snatcher.

Speaking of snatchers, I shall say that a similar thing happened to me almost two years ago. This time it happened behind my back. And the culprit was a friend of mine with a "cute face". Darn her, shoot her.

Awww man, if I could just step up to her and grab her by the hair! Masama ang loob ko sa kanya and this feeling of hatred has found its place within me since September 2005. I got used to it since then, since everyone had divided themselves into the stuation, since she started to "glam" herself up for my ex, since I went to a shrink, since I let my guard down.

When I see her face on Friendster, I regard her as a 16-year-old retard with a histrionic personality. What sickens me is that she's all over the net, and in all honesty, I want her out.

She doesn't deserves another chance, with what she did to me. I became so dumb with trusting her.

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