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Saturday, March 31, 2007

"What i lack in is humility" -Anne

This day is for my last exam and also the hardest! quantitative techniques! i've always been good at math when i was in my elementary and high school days plus the early part of my college days, and i knew that but when i had those math subjects with this professor i begin to doubt my abilities because in my own standards i wasn't performing very well already! she was a genius! she knows how to twist everything...those simple problems for me before are the hardest one did she do that?...i guess this is one way of god to tell me to be humble...i guess what i lack in is humility!...when i start failing in exams then that is also my start of exerting my effort in studying math subjects...haiz...the exam's result in accounting will be out on monday and i also wish that it would bring nice afraid to that type of person who is not used to failures...i always do my best on everything and i become depressed whenever i fail...aarrrggghhh! im really selfish! till here, i dont want to add more on my fears...ciao!

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