Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, March 30, 2007

"Maybe it could go on after we all get out of the house" -Ron

I am currently on "warning" to not get forcedly evicted. I first thought "hmm okay", its just a game some one has to go. But I was shocked when I saw that Mik was forcedly evicted. Am I next to go? hopefully not. Maybe I will get voted out soon but who knows? Only time will tell. Sa sobrang busy ko wala ako mashadong nakakausap for this past weeks. Hinde ko na rin masyado alam kung ano nangyayare sa bahay. I still feel left out in this group. Pero that's alright. I know the reason to that is that I am busy and lazy. Well yea... school and work first before play diba? I have to do good in my life, its been crazy going through stuff from these past years. Marami ren akong iniisip and I kinda don't want anything to add up in my problems. Pero its not such a big deal. Anyway after a couple of weeks pag natapos na ako sa lahat maybe if given the chance I can be more active dito sa bahay. And maybe it could go on after we all get out of the house.

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