Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Monday, April 23, 2007

Results of the 6th Nomination

ZENRICK aka "Elixer": 9 EP to RON* - Just feel that it is the right thing to do. I feel it would be unfair to the other housemyts of fine coz they have been very active. Lyk I said before I have nothing againts this guy. He is very kool, way cooler than me. And I hope after this we can all still be friends
4 SP to Anne* - Feel ko yung ibang housemyts safe na this nomintation. Feel ko makakatanggap cla ng enough SP pra cla ma save. So I think di makaka apecto ang vote kong ito sa mga standings sa bahay. Good luck sa mga housemyts.

2nd choice
9 EP to AL* - I have nothing againts AL. All i know is napaka friendly niya but feel ko dipa kami masyadong nag kakaclose. Lyk he said di pa kami masyadong close dito sa bahay. Alam ko naman na bussy cya sa work but i feel kahit kami naman dito bussy pero meron parin kaming tym na mag post. It would be very unfair to the rest.
4 SP to Ferg* - Sobrang bilib ako sa bata na ito. He is always active, rather, cya ang pinaka active among the housemyts. I must admit na cya ang nag papasaya sa bahay and i would feel na boring ang f4 kapag wala cya. Good luck bro, and keepitipup!

*VHs must assign 10 evicting points and 5 saving points to 2 co-VHs. (No EP and SP point was used in the 5th Nomination) Since the 5th evictee is unknown until 12MN, they must include a second choice for their 10 EP and 5 SP votes.

AL, ANNE, FERGIE and RON did not participate