Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, April 13, 2007

"Some people are playing the game now"

Wow yea Niz got evicted. It was surprising that she got evicted. I calculated the vote results at sya nga ang natanggal sa tingin ko noong bago sya na officially declared na evicted. I talked to her before, a couple of nights before she got evicted. She said she was scared that she might get evicted and that she might be the next one. Sabe ko, Hinde... we can't tell who's going to be next. I know I was going to be next and Zen thought he was going to be next. Maraming nagkakamali ng tingin kung sino ang matatanggal. I guess some people are playing the game now. Enough with all the "safe" votes. Sooner or later =, you have to go against each other. I also said that it's just a game and don't get mad or get too emotional about it. Its not the real PBB anyway. But what ever happen happens. Wala ka nang magagawa. But it's all good. I know that I am playing the game and I am not gonna take things seriously. I'm too busy to think about a lot of stuff about the game.

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