Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"I said it before... i am weak deep inside"


I decided to quit. But then BBk says that i cannot quit. Well, ok then. I'll play again. Even if it means that there will be more critics and issues about me. Eventhough i am just doing my part and the tasks, i've been always criticized. Well honestly, the time i decided to quit was the time i was depressed of something. i was weak. well i am weak . And i said it before with that very 1st activity that we had in this game. I may seem strong but i am weak deep inside, i cry at some things that i can't understand why. Overacting? no. It's just the true feeling. But i'm not regretting my decision of quitting, it was really my decision from the very first time i became one of the big 4. Some ex-vhs of mine even reacted on why i decided on something like that. I explained some views and points. Well, i am now thinking about whether to vote or not. Well i am so sure that my votes are predictable. (if i am going to vote, still thinking about it now). But if i am i'm just doing my part and i have no choice but to choose, and of course i'll choose the people who are close to me and i've mingled a lot with. I guess i have to face some consequences again after this. Well i just realize whether on this virtual game or on reality people really have different impression on some things and on other people. So i guess i just have to deal with life and life on the net. Call me anything and impose things to me but i know myself and friends know who i really am. I am just what i am. I don't care about winning. i'm just hurt. period.

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