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Thursday, May 3, 2007

"I wouldn't trade that experience for anything..."

Tomorrow is my last exam day and I am nervous. I am trying to study but I have a lot on my mimd. I have to look for a summer job and other things. I should probably focus on my studying now because its my last one and I don't want to fail it! I really hope I do good in it. Oh and before I forgot... my clinicals was done like a week and a half ago. It was fun and it was a great experience. I know I complained about it so much but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything... well maybe for a car, a house and a million dollar... make that two. My summer so far is boring and stressfull because I still have an exam to worry about and also my results. I am praying to god that I will pass all of it and be able to attend next year. I don't want to ruin my summer by failing... that would suck so much. Anyway I better be going and study. Later!

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