Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Reward and Penalty Points for WEEK 1

Gener, Ghien, Katrina, Kim and Reuel did not post at least one confession and diary entry this week. Each earned 8 EP.

Al, Anne, Hector and Ron did not confess while Richard did not post diary entry at least once this week. Each earned 4 EP each.

Other violations and corresponding penalty point/s:
Anne – Less than 100 word confession (1 EP)
Fergie and Kim – Vulgar language (2 EP each)

Gener, Ghien, Hector, Kim, Reuel, Ron and Richard failed to complete a special task and/or activity or activities*. They earned 2 EP each.

The following received 2 SP each for blog updates*: Al, Fergie, Kim, Mikhail and Richard.

The following received 2 SP each for YM conversation transcripts*: Al, Fergie, Stephanie and Zenrick.

* Once every nomination