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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Kim blogs: Insanity 4307

Starting today. i'll be posting my journal from my computer. mas madrama un. nako. saka ingleshan un. naku naku. mali mali naman ang gramar.

God! I’m so tired of my life. The only solution I could think of is to be isolated or to kill myself. But what really made me tired of this life is the people around me. It seems like their ignoring every inch of me like the Angel’s Breath in every bouquet of flowers and like the pickles in every burger you eat. You know, it’s really hard living my life. I always dreamt of being famous or what. But it never did. Maybe that is just the way it is. I’m so tired of this games, popularity thingamajigs.

Every time my birthday comes. I wake up at midnight and wait for someone to sms me. But I am waiting for nothing. Every time I go to school during my special day, it seems like it’s just an ordinary day for my classmates. But it is not the treatment they do for some of my jock-like and cheerleader-like classmates.

Well, I guess that’s life. There should always be someone on top and at the bottom. And in my case I’m the one at the bottom.

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