Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dance Freak is evicted

Zenrick, the 19-year-old advertising stud from Mandaue City, had the highest net point in the Re-Vote with +8. He became the 6th evictee.

Al and Ron did not use their Immunity.

No VH was evicted in the 6th Nomination. Al, Anne and Ron did not participate while Zenrick, the only one who voted, did not follow the nomination rule and got penalized. All VHs received +4.

Big Four are Al, Anne, Ron and Stephanie.

VH [EP][SP] = NP
[+8] [x] =
[+4] [x] =
AL [x] [x] = 0
*ANNE [+4] [-4] = 0

*did not participate
**one of the Big Four