Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mystery Posters

Mystery Poster #1 posted yesterday evening.

RON: Since no one wants to pst... I'll just take the first one...
BBK: Ron, you are the first poster. You must not use vowels in your posts until the 5th Eviction. This challenge does not cover confessions and nomination. If you pass, you will be rewarded.

Mystery Poster #2 posted this morning.

ANNE: Alright! I will take the second slot. This is hard.
BBK: Anne, you are the second poster. You must observe correct grammar, spelling and puntuations in your posts until the 5th Eviction. If you pass this challenge, you will be rewarded.

THIRD POSTER can design a nomination scheme for the 5th Nomination.
FOURTH POSTER can declare the results of the 5th Nomination null and void.
FIFTH POSTER will be obliged to use his/her immunity.
SIXTH POSTER will be one of the Big Four.

VHs can only post once. This activity is until Wednesday ONLY.