Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Dali kong mapikon" -Zenrick

Midnight chat kami ni BBk! I dont know whats gotten into him but I felt like he was trying to annoy me or something. I dont know if he was trying to make an argument about a small thing (exclamation point) or it was just a test me maybe! If it was a test then I failed. Dali kong mapikon. I dont know if alam nato ng housemyts ko but kahit Im the kind of person na napakatahik madali akong mapikon. As in sobrang dali kong mapikon. Lalo na that im explanin something but the one that your explainen to doesnt believe you nag iinit ulo ko. Hahaha.. I have nothing againts BBK but he was asking questions about me using an exclamation point, my perception on "mainit ulo" and other stuffs.

About the 5th Household council naman. I dont know I mag pa-participate ako coz even though na check kona mga post ng mga housemyts I did not find any violations that theyve made. Maybe I missed some but I feel and believe na walang na violate mga housemyts ko. Sofar ako parang wala pang na violate! I dont know why we have this kind of "nomination" maybe to stir us up? or just to show some sides of ours! ....
...Im thinking what to post next..but wala akong ma tym nalang..i hahabol ko..

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