Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Before everybody eats me alive in the house..." -Ron

Man! now claws are coming out eh? well I have nothing against anybody here. I just don't know why they're all taking what I say out of context. Mahirap ren pala at minsan iba ang interpretation ng mga tao sa sinasabe mo. But its i'm fine with it. Whatever happen happens eh?

So I've been reading all the things that happened this week. Especially the confe between bbk and all my other co-VH's, Niz included. Man, yea I expected me to go as well but Niz was the one that got evicted. Why are they all mad at me? I mean I did make a deal with someone but that's just to try and save myself.

I totally have nothing against anybody here. I feel like this week the house is more alive than before. I guess my reason for my inactiveness is my work load here and maybe I got bored of pbbfg because of all the other "inactive" people. The only thing that made me stay here is all these people here now inside the house and also Niz. I actually was going to quit before but I didn't do it because I want to see how this thing goes. If I get evicted then I get evicted. I'm fine with whatever result I get.

Well before everybody eats me alive in the house I just want to say some things. For Niz, when she said

Nizzie Abdallah: si ron
Nizzie Abdallah: worried nga naman ako
Nizzie Abdallah: eh wala naman daw akong ginagawa"

I even told you na bibigyan kita ng susunod na pinakamataas na SP, pero parang di mo nakita yung sinabe ko. Tapos when she said

nizzie abdallah: what he's thinking is that he's playing the game well. he rarely goes online and i think that's just being plain lame

I didnt not think at all that I am playing the game well. I just said I am playing the game. I know na di ako mashado OL coz I dont have much time. I even said na dahil mas importante ang school. And all I can ask is why are you mad at me? Kay Ferg, when he said

Fergie Paul: waaaa
Fergie Paul: may galit ako senyo zen?! sabi ni roN?
Fergie Paul: hindi totoo yan..san naman nahalungkat yan ni ron
Fergie Paul: hindi lng bingyan ng sp may galit

I didnt mean na galit na mad... I guess I just used the wrong word. And when you said "
may topak ako at sana masagasaan" What did I do to you na hi-no-hope mo na masagasaan ako? I just wanted to ask those question and I am not trying to be mean to all you guys.

Well I don't know what else to write anmore because i got so much stuff to say. Ayoko naman i defend ang sarile ko because ayoko ma-apektohan ng drama sa bahay. I guess that's all for now. If you want to talk to me just write to me and leave me a message. Sorry sa mga na-offend but i was just trying to show the atmosphere in the house. Kayo na rin nagsabe na boring ang house. And I just thought na sobrang safe tayong lahat. I didnt know that all the things I am saying is gonna be taken so seriously. Muka lang akong seryoso BUT like I always say to everyone na DI AKO SERYOSO MADALAS, I just look serious. :

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