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Friday, April 13, 2007

Stephanie blogs: A dose of magic

It's been quite a while since the last time i browse over any magazines (new or old). I have just a little collection of magazines at home and before i used to look at it and read each one over and over again. Yesterday my sister brought some new mags which she borrowed from our cousin. Well, while looking over the mags, this thought just came into my mind. I used to think of this before, if only i have the magic to actually point to the things or anything that's on the magazines into a reality.

Funny thing. But it's true... i'm quite a bit of a penny pincher (well, talgang kuripot nga ako) but not really when it comes to anything important.. like foods. That's why i usually like freebies / treats / libre / or anything that just free! So by that i was wishing for something impossible... a dose of magic. Honestly, i'm lately into food... i love to eat... well even before i do love to eat, but lately it's been like i really love to eat more. hahaha... that even those sumptous, mouth-watering foods on the magazines makes me think that i'd like to have it for real. wahhh!!! craziness. oh well, all i thought about is that thing that time maybe because i have'nt ate my dinner yet that time. hahaha... just hoping for a dose of magic.

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