Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, April 13, 2007

"Gusto ko lang ilabas ang nararamdaman ko" -Stephanie

I am about to share my thoughts about the chat that we had yesterday with my co-vhs and an ex-vh. But before that i would just like to burst out my sentiment about what one of the vh think about me through the name game. I'm just so irritated this early morning after checking it. I know it's his opinion (regarding his answer) and i respect every opinion made, but sorry i just can't help but react about that and say what i want to say and express what i feel. B*** Sh**! I know myself better than anyone else. I can't help but think about his hidden plans about things or is it just one of his "late" strategies to catch up. He barely goes online so what's his basis of saying that. so sa tingin nya di ako nagpapakatotoo? hello! Eh ni hindi nga sya active, nagka-usap man kami siguro ilang beses lang. I honestly think someones washing his hands out here. pareho lang yan ng prang nagtatanong pa sa iba ng iniisip nya na sya naman plang ginagawa nya. is this misleading a crime? i know something so don't act innocent. i'm not afraid to say things that i know is true and i don't even care what other people think as long as i know that i am right and i know what i am doing. Even if i know that this might end to my early eviction if ever i did made some honest-violations. yeah this is just a game i know. But i am glad to have made some new friends. I'm just bursting out my angst. i can't even share yet my thoughts about yesterdays chat, because i am not over this issue. I just feel like it's unfair for me for someone who think i am like that. coz i know myself when i am not sincere of something or true. In real life i know my ka-plastikan around PLASTIC PEOPLE. they deserve it anyway. I am nice if the person is nice, pero iba ako magalit. mabait ako kung sa mabait. again sorry if i am saying things like this... gusto ko lang ilabas ang nararamdaman ko. i respect your opinion and i'm just making an opinion about yours too.

About the activity name game. Sinagot ko ang tanong na "Sino sa tingin mo ang dapat na natanggal noong last na eviction?" kahit na ang tanong ay para kay fergie. honestly di ko sinagot na si ron yun dahil sa galit ako sa sagot nya sa tanong ko. because honestly he deserves to be evicted more than nizzie.

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