Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, February 16, 2007

"All i should do for now is to play with the flow of the game" -Cyrill

I don't know what to write... i have no idea how to start... but anyway, of course, it's about the things happened to me for the past few days and tommorrow! But, there's no exciting story naman ang nangyari, and if i'll tell you those things, baka mabore lang po kayo... hhhmmm... maybe, alam mo nman what is a life of a student... but, you know what?! my life i guess is different with others. of course, lahat nman tayo have uniqueness from each other. but for me, i considered it as a game, a hard tasks, easy journey to take, a bastard one, a beautiful play... it's really amazing! everytime, i write something about my self... it really comes into my mind, the future. i guess, thats really normal... i don't know, maybe im just paranoid with what will happen in the future. but inside of me, im excited for tomorrow. 'coz i know, i am totally free... 'know what i mean?! being independent! but everytime, i am thinking with being independent, i am always thinking of my parents... 'coz i really love them. it's complicated! hhhmmmm.... but anyway, i have still a time to prepare for those things... i guess, all i should do for now is to play with the flow of the game. for sure, even i cannot get the first place, i may have the sportsmanship award! i still believe in my self!

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