Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Friday, February 16, 2007

"But Kim? Nooop" -Nizrhane

Hirap akong pumili ng kung sino ang pwedeng i-nominate. Gaaaaaaah!

You see, it is so hard for me to that cos one thing's for sure: I may have fostered good relationships with a few people here, but voting them off is just plain difficult. (What if they voted you off? *ouch*)

I've made friends with Ate Anne, Ate Steph, Kuya Al, Ferg, and Zenrick (Cyrill too, even Mik) but Kim? Nooop. But for me, Kim is one real guy who has the spunk of a rebel and the words of a literature kid. I'm not judging him, but this is what I see in him. I see in him my friends who have issues (sino ba'ng walang issues, di ba?) and that they rant about everything in this planet. I've gone through it and it sucks to know that people just don't care.

I've been stuck with the housemates for days now, posting stuff on the boards, and helping them with the "chores" *lorl*. I see them as my older brothers and sisters (cos I don't have one, and I've always wished to have one) because they are caring and loving, and they constantly kid around. I love it when I see Ferg poking fun at Ate Steph and Kuya Al, or when the biys pick on Ate Anne, or when everybody gets to share a piece of their lives with each other. Harmonious atmosphere, eh?

Anyhoo, just this for now. For now.

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