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Friday, February 16, 2007

"I decided to join an environmentalist group"

Yesterday, we had a film showing about in our CAFA theater about "Global Warming". It is a documentary made by the former U.S. presidentiable Al Gore. The documentary talks about the causes and effects of Global Warming. We all think that we are not affected or there is no such thing as a "global warming", but after watching the documentary, It opened our eyes, opened our eyes for the better.

We all know that our atmosphere is very think..Imagine a school's globe painted with varnish, our atmosphere is said to be as thin as a varnish painted on the globe. We all know that the sun emits light and heat wave to the earth right, and those energies are being absorbed by the earth through our atmosphere...and because our atmosphere is very thin, few heat energies are reflected back to space while a small few are left, trapped here on reath..thats what makes our planet "livable". But if our atmosphere thikens, (cuased by too much burning of fussil fuels and other industrialize polutions) instead of only a small few heat energies gets trapped in the reath, it would become the opposite. Now the majority of the wave are trapped here on earth and that waht makes the tempreture here risens to global warming degree.

Global warming also has tons of effects on our planet..Ice or Icebergs on the arctic region also deflects heat from the sun, and because the heat that was reflected is trapped, it is reflected back to the icebergs or to the arctic region and its waters..increasing the tempreture and also increasing the melting point of the icebergs..thus, will also increase the water levels enormously, flooding the big cities in the U.S. like NewYork and others.

Huricane Katrina was also caused my an abnormal increase and decrease of the tempreture in the Gulf near New Orleans. Katrina started out as a average typhoon but after it gets above the Gulf that has tempreture way above the scale, it made the Katrina even more stronger.

Plus, we all know that the southern hemesphere of the earth doesnt get typhoons becuase typhoons travels northward..and because of the abnormal tempreture science books would be change..there is a year (i forgot when) that the countries in the south tasted their first typhoon...lucky them..!!
plus the average typhoon on a year was only 8 now it reached more than kool is that... heheh... anyways... after watching the klasmyts and I decided to join an environmentalist group (the same group that made us watch the documentary) in hope that maybe we could become an example for other youths to protect and presereve our planet..It is the only home we have..!!

I will make a thread in the living room...maybe we can talk about how each one of us can help the cause..!!

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