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Monday, February 5, 2007

Kim blogs: UST! goodbye, hello, and goodbye again...

Anak ng. englishan na naman to. f***. you know i'm not really good in spokening dollar but it goes hope so went go well. wahahahahaha!

So everything was just going fine yesterday, until my dad called. he talked to me much about the ust thing. i was comfortably talking to him because i know he would allow me to study in manila. but much to my surprise, he took it back. yeah! he took back the permission from me, to study in ust. i know, so my emotions overflowed like the la mesa dam. fuck, all this time i was thinking of, where would i live in manila, how will i survive in the day to day life there, and the people who are awaiting me there in ust. but in just a flick of a second he took it back. god damn it! it wasn't really easy to overcome these emotions of anger. i'm so mad at him. but i can't do anything about it. he rules. he got the power. and while me (or I, i dont care), i'm just a slave. a follower.

But. but. but.(hahaha)my prayers was heard...

Just this morning, he called again. so i didn't let the chances pass, so i keep on insisting that i want to study there. so he made a condition. if i pass the entrance exam for lyceum and perpetual, he would allow me to study in manila. yay!!! but, what if i... waaaaaah!!! okay, i'll focus. i will pass the exam. i will pass the exam. I WILL PASS THE EXAM!!! haaaah!

Okay! i'm looking forward on passing the two entrance exams. i hope it will go smoothly.

F***. mali mali grammar ko. (f***. wrong wrong grammar me, hahahaha)

"Paxenxa na sa mga tao na nagbabasa. asar kasi iyang bbk na yan. ang corny e. bawal daw magmura. s***. inaanounce ko na ngaun na ang bbk ay mura na... BBK BBK BBK BBK!!!"

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