Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Swerte ni Ron" -Stephanie

Zenrick is now evicted. well, that's how the game works, some people must really face it earlier than the other. Honestly, i was also thinking between ROn and zen on my EP, kahit din kasi na nagka-argument kami ng konti ni ROn but that was over and i can see na gusto nyang makahabol sa game. pero mas nakakausap ko rin kasi si zen so i just choose ROn. And if not also for Zen i won't make it to final four, so i also owe him. And because this game is unpredictable i wanted to make sure that anne would make it, kahit na alam kong malaki ang chance nyang mapasali pero ayoko ng magbakasakali. It was not really a surprise (the 6th nomination result) coz i was really expecting between Ron and Zen. And i just hope there's no bad feelings about this, since we just have to make some decisions. And it is hard. The final four is now complete. And on my mind right now "Manalo ng manalo". I am now actually looking forward to meeting them all personally soon. I just hope all is well after this. haha. Something just flashed on my mind, "swerte ni ron" he was able to catch up and now one of the final four (please don't take what i said in a negative way). I wander how's it gonna be? I'm just glad anne did it. I wanted fergie and anne in the final four, atleast one of them made it in. I feel like i'm really into the game. haha. Of course i like to win but if it's my luck then i'm happy and if not so be it. Come what may! yun na naman masasabi ko. Good luck na lang!

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